Photo voltaic arrays (solar panels) capture the energy from the sun to generate electricity. The solar panels generate in DC, which is then changed to AC via an inverter and fed back into the electrical system within your property.

The solar panels do require quite a substantial amount of space to be installed; alternatively (if roof space is unavailable) there are ground mounting options. The solar panels are ideally suited to south facing aspects for optimal performance but still give profitable results when installed on other aspects.

They can be installed to all kinds of roofs and generally do not require planning permission (in Suffolk and Essex).

Lock Electrical only use MCS approved products and all installations are MCS certified. You will be able to claim payments via the feed in tariff scheme.

The cost will obviously vary according to the size of the installation, but as a guide the average the cost in  Suffolk and Essex (per installed KWpeak) is £4 - £4500 for domestic properties. Larger commercial installations see an even lower unit cost.

Remember that the income from the feed in tariff scheme is TAX FREE (for private domestic customers). The initial rate has been held at 41.3p for 2011 - Be quick to take advantage of this impressive rate before the government readdresses it. ...tariff details here

See the explanatory movie here

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